A question i get asked a great deal

One of the most common questions I get asked lately.  “is that your kitten room in in all of the pictures”

Answer:  I do not have a kitten room, i do NOT isolate any of my cats or kittens.  All of my cats and kittens have full open range to my entire home.  My cattery is un-like most simply because it’s a Family style.  I believe that all should be raised as part of my family, not apart.  I do things differently, it’s just my style and I’m ok with being different.

At birth the newborns are kept on the 2nd level of a 5 foot by 5 foot cage (with open doors) doors are always kept open so the moms can come and go knowing that their babies are perfectly safe.  There is an established “pride” life style here.  Everyone lives together as one big family.  I do not have conflict with any of my cats.   They all know their place in the pride and are quite happy with it.  Around 5 weeks when the kittens start exploring out and using the litterbox they get an upgrade!  I move their bed and mom’s nest down to the lower level so they too can run around and play but still know where their “home” is.

MOst of the pictures are taken in the same room simply because that’s where all of their toys are, the cat trees, cat nip, cat toys, food, water etc.  Of course that is where i normally have the portable fan heater on (who doesn’t love sitting infront of that right?)   THat is where i spend most of my time as well,  all of my comfy chair and sofa’s are in there, but there are no doors to keep them shut in, they can come and go as they please.

If  I am in the kitchen, i normally have a train of kitties near by, if i’m in the shower i always have cats waiting for me patiently on the bathroom rug.

SO to answer in short, No there are no “cat rooms” or closed off area’s in my home.  That’s just the way i like things done, and so far it works fantastic.  That way allows all of my kittens and cats to get all of the attention that they could ever want, yes that means i get the random toy dropped on my head at 2 am. No I do not mind.  Happy cats=happy family.

Another question :  “do you let your cats outside”

Answer:  No, but there is 1 exception to that rule.  That is my sons devon Dexter.  Jordan takes Dexter out on a leash when i’m outside and it’s sunny. Only in our yard.

Last one: Do you ever declaw any of your cats

Answer:  This one is a pet peeve of mine.  NO i do NOT nor will i ever Declaw any of my cats.  I’ve worked in the animal field for 16 years,  part of that time was at a Vets office.  I have assisted in many of the de-clawing  surgeries it is in-humane and cruel. Just ask your self this,  How would you like if someone cut off your first knuckles and stitched up the top. Leaving those sensitive nerve bundles un-protected.

I use Soft Claw nail caps, which allows natural behavior and stretching they can do everything normally.  The caps fall off 4-6 weeks.  Of course now a wonderful lady introduced me to Sisal rope, scratching post.  OH my goodness nothing else in the house has been touched since we’ve bought some of those.  NOt even their cat tree’s and other scratching toys.

One more I just got reminded of:  ” do you use a water fountain for your cats like we see in stores”

Answer: No, they are novel idea’s yes. But they can harbor a great deal of bacteria.  I have 4  water bowls that get cleaned out daily, and of course my cats are silly and love ice cubes put in there.  So they have me quite trained to put ice in there for them a few times a day.

Alrighty that’s it for tonight.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Safe Memorial Day weekend.  Take this time to remember all of the brave men and women who have served this wonderful country.