Ways to contact us

There are various ways to contact us,  I’m going to put all of this in one place to make things easier.

E-mail: melissa@batcavecattery.com , melmacpherson@hotmail.com 

Instant messaging clients:  I use msn messenger,  and we’ve just added yahoo and AIM (AOL)

Microsoft Live Messenger:  melmacpherson@hotmail.com 

Yahoo:   batcavecattery@yahoo.com

AIM:  Batcavecattery

 Please remember that even though i’m shown as online I do have  3 young children and i may not always be at the computer, but feel free to leave a message and I will respond as soon as I get back to the computer.

Phone: 425-320-8937 is the cell phone number.  This will be turned back on as soon as I can make it out to the store to get a re-boost card.  (14 inches of snow > me going out)