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I’ve been meaning to get this done for a while but have not had the chance to sit down with out being pulled away every few minutes!

Since we changed from Wellness Core food a while back, i’ve been searching for a different high quality food that is low in grain or grain free to feed in addition to the kitten food.   I’ve tried quite a few since and so far not much luck! The latest one my adults just plain refuse to eat.

 Taste of the wild Salmon–  Normally devons will give a taste.  I filled up 1 of the bowls and put it up where just adults can get to it where it normally sits.  They did not touch it, got a few sniffs that is about it.  So that one did not fly here.

Precise grain free– they were split on this one 3 of the adults liked it alot.  Vickie and Peanut didn’t seem to care for it and well peanut is the queen in charge i had to pass.

Halo grain free-  Peter our rescue kitty was the only one to even entertain this one

Currently we are giving Pure Vita a shot-  I will update once they jury comes in.  

If anyone has any suggestions or has had great results with a specific food please let me know, I’m always open to idea’s.  

As with any food, please do not ever change your cat or dogs food with out gradually doing it. Sudden changes in food  can cause major stomach and intestinal upset.  Stinky gas and diarrhea will no doubt follow if the new food is not added slowly, always have the old food available until the change is a welcome one.  

There are months in between me even offering a new kibble to my adults, so there is no reason to rush a food change.  and NEVER ever give a cat/kitten/dog/puppy canned food if they are only used to a dry kibble or raw diet.   There is a very good reason I do not give my cats canned food but very rarely and only a small part of a 3.5oz can if that, canned food leads to horrible smelling, loose bowls and can cause a nasty stomach upset, especially in kittens.   Feed raw instead, it’s healthier, and closest to their natural food that you can get.  (unless you want to run and catch field mice!) Kidding!  

Now for litter!

Since Worlds Best Cat Litter made the horrible business choice to down size their bag size and keep the price the same or slightly (and i do mean ever slightly) reduce the price.  That irritated me, I have 10 litter boxes here and I had it down to a science how many 34 lb bags it takes weekly to fill said boxes.  So because of their poor choice I got angry and decided to start looking for a different litter.

Swheat scoop was the first one I tried- horrible,  do not like this at all.  The smell and dust alone were enough to make me want to return it,  i gave it a try just to make sure.   It does not clump hard at all and it is just plain stinky.

Feline Pine-  not a huge fan of this one either.  I use the pellet type when i have any kitten or cat in the car for that it’s awesome. Does not track or anything, but the clumping just falls apart and it just i don’t like it.

Natures Miracle scoopable-  this one was not too bad, it clumped pretty nicely and the smell of the litter did not get all funky after a few days of being scooped like swheat scoop did.  however dear goodness the tracking was horrible, it clings to every single hair (and devons dont have a ton) and got all over the place.  for that it got veto’ed

Blue all natural wal-nut- now this one is a keeper.  I love it!  It clumps super hard, super fast, the tracking is moderate.  It fcomes in 34lb bags which i like!  and it’s all natural non clay based which is a must.   The 1 and only down side to this litter is that if you have light colored cats ie white anywhere on the paws and they dig to china as my devons do it makes their paws all dirty.  like stains them that dusty light brown color from the dust of the litter.  that is the only down side to this litter.   I highly recommend it well over any other litter.  Now there is a little bit of dust with this one not a ton though.

I now mix Worlds Best Lavender, with Blue’s all natural wal-nut and so far I’m really liking the results.  The mix i use roughly 1/2 and 1/2 in most of the boxes and 3/4 blue to 1/4 WB in 2 of them (the ones that Isaac prefers)

Now since there is dust from that, and my entire family has a nasty dust allergies and anyone who shares this.  Just simply give your kitties a bath once a week, for devon moms and dads you all are used to kittens and cats snuggling close to your face which can be torture for dust allergies.

 Fill up a kitchen sink maybe 3 inches deep (do not fill it enough to get them totally emerged)  only up to their elbows please!   Get their body wet, try not to get their heads wet (they do not like this at all) lather them up with Baby Shampoo (i use lavender and chamomile the same I used on the kids when they were tots), do not wash their head nothing above their shoulders should be wet ever.  soap is not friendly to kitties big eyes.   Rinse them off and use 2 hand towels to dry them off, one for under their body to support while the other dries their body.  Once the body is dry, use the under towel which should be nice and damp now to gently wipe down their face and ears.

Do not over wash though, once a week is plenty you do not want to dry out their skin from over washing.   I wash our kittens once a week sometimes once every 2 weeks it all depends on how fun the litter box seems to be to them that week.  My adults get baths every 2 weeks, since they do not find the litter box as fun of a play area as the tiny tots do, but they still get dusty from the litter.



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  1. Simone Lynch
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 18:27:30

    Regarding Food – I have had tremendous success with Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free (Chicken Meal Formula) along with raw ground turkey every 2 to 3 days – the girls’ coats are soft and silky; the litter box shows no evidence of digestive issues; and they LOVE it!!! Regarding bathing: I give our 3 angels a “spit” bath weekly (wiping them down with a warm, moist washcloth; clip nails; clean ears; clean eyes) and every 3 to 4 weeks they get a full-fledged spa day (which includes clipping nails FIRST, putting them in AN EMPTY sink and gradually getting them wet with warm water from the other sink with a soft washcloth and gently pouring water on them with a water pitcher and using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (either the regular formula or the lavender formula). For some reason, our girls will not tolerate standing in a sink with ANY water in it during bath time and they LOATHE the sound of running water if they are standing in the sink!!! Although they do love to watch me do dishes and play with the running water as I am doing dishes – I JUST DON’T GET IT!!! In between full-fledged spa days, I use a product called Skin Repair & Dander Care by SheaPet (it’s a light conditioning spray that if used sparingly keeps their coats soft and silky and their skin free of flakes). I’m going to give your suggestion on Litter a try . . . as I am using Fresh Step Clumping and it seems that we have a lot of tracking of litter (of course, that might be due to having 3 precious angels using their litter boxes as they should) – we will see. Thanks so much for the tips!!!


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