A lot is going on here at the bat cave!

We are in the slow process of updating and changing this site.  Well it’s not going to be THIS site per say, Casey is building a new site from the ground up that will have all of the options that we want.

Some new ones that I’m really excited about,  we are going to have a place for clients to see the adults pedigree’s, each queen will have a sub category where you can see their past kittens.  (this one is going to take me a while to get set up just right),  I’d like it act similar to tagging on facebook, where I could tag each kitten and file it under the correct mommy.   There are quite a few other new features that are hopefully going in as well, but I’ll leave those for a surprise!

The past few weeks have been so sad,  some of my babies went to their new homes.  Oh how I miss them.  This is one of the hard parts of breeding, is letting them go.  I have some pictures that i’m going to post hopefully today of all of the little ones,  I’ve taken on the way to their new homes in the car.  As well as some updated pictures as well!

For a while now I’ve been asked for recommendations for vet clinics in various area’s.   So,  I’ve taken the questions and went to meet/interview a couple of clinics in the areas requested.   The only one in the Seattle Area that I’ve met that passed all of my tests at least was North Gate Veterinary Clinic.

For families in Seattle/North Gate area.   I had a meeting with the wonderful staff at North Gate Veterinary Clinic,  i ended up arriving early so i got a chance to just sit back in the waiting area and observe the front end staff.   I was extremely impressed at the front end staff.  So very sweet, understanding and friendly.  Top knotch for sure.  Then I got a chance to meet with the clinic owner and she’s also one of the vets there as well,  Dr. Emi Baxter.  I bought Monkey with me as well as Isaac so I could see first hand how everyone interacted with both species.

Dr. Baxter and I chatted for a bit, then i got a tour of the building which is deceptively huge.  From the outside, the building does not look as large as it actually is once you’re in.  I love their set up, they have a separate room for dental work, and surgeries which i just think is a fantastic idea.  Normally the rooms are shared for purposes, here they are not.  They have these neato heating pads to keep their body temps regulated and toasty.  (my devons would LOVE that)  Dr. Baxter answered all of my inquisitive questions about her and her partners experience, among other questions that I asked.

I highly recommend this clinic to anyone in that area, you will not be disappointed.  The staff is just super friendly, and there is an obvious love for animals that can not be missed once you even walk in the door.



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  1. Simone Lynch
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 17:42:51

    The new site that you and Casey are working on sounds GREAT and will be SO much fun (and informational) to see all of your angels’ pedigrees. Speaking of vets, I took Alley and Bailey in for their annual checkup last month (and brought CC along for the ride): Alley is 7.01 lbs., Bailey is 6.05 lbs., and CC is (was) 5.09 lbs. (I expect CC to “bulk” up a little before her first birthday on 10/27/12! ALL are SO precious in their own quirky ways – we can’t imagine our lives without them now – they are daily reminders of your extraordinary love for what you do!!!


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