Adoption Policy

I do require a 250 dollar non-refundable deposit to hold a kitten for you.  This keeps anyone else from reserving that baby. Kitten reservations will be on a first come first serve basis from receipt of deposit. If a deposit is not received, there is no guarantee of receiving a kitten.   We would love to be able to hold kittens for people but that leaves entirely too much un-certainty in knowing they have a forever home.  So until deposit is received the kitten is still available.

Our cattery is simply our entire home, we do not cage or isolate our cats into separate rooms.  As we believe that robs these wonderful animals of that which they crave the most,  human companionship.   All of our cats have free roam of the entire home, including Isaac.  They all live with us as one pride of devons.  There is an order which is maintained by the head queen Peanut, she runs a tight ship and we have no conflicts due to her wonderful leading.  Everyone has a place in the pride,  they all take care of the kittens.   The old saying It takes a village to raise a child,  reminds me of how things are done here. 

As of right now we do not allow people up to our home.  We used to, but it was bought to my attention by my children that they do not feel comfortable having strangers in their private space.  So, we no longer allow this.   In the future we are looking to re-visit the idea with the children.  But at 9, 9 and 12 we both feel it is well with in their rights as our children to have that request.   Our children feeling safe and secure come first.  Sadly, with all of the news about the people on the internet using buying items (couch, tv etc..)having them come to their houses and get the item. Then bad things happening after got on the news which our children watch.  and it spun from there.  

However,  we  opted to having the state run agency do inspections on our home to ease any questions about the way things are done here.  Since I have heard horror stories of bad breeders.  I’d prefer to ease any questions about my cattery/home.   Each time they come through and inspect the entire house, since I do not use cages they make sure everything is safe and clean etc..  Every time they have come, the first comment is they can’t tell we have cats until they get one on their shoulder (normally peanut).  We have 10 litter boxes (yes 10 as I want to make sure that there is always a potty available in what ever room they happen to be in),  I scoop boxes multiple times a day, honestly i’ve not counted how many times if i see them go in it gets scooped then I just scoop them all while i’m at it.   There are 4 water bowls through out the house, and 4 feeding dishes (I free feed Royal Cannin Kitten 36 kibble) 

We accept paypal, check or money order.  We do not have our paypal information posted as we had some people send deposits with out our permission at one time expecting a kitten (i did not know them)  So to prevent confusion on all sides that is why you won’t find it on my site.

I take placement of my kittens quite seriously as they are raised as part of my family, and like to get to know potential parents, their life style so i make sure to fit with the perfect kitten.  That being said,  we reserve the right to decline an adoption.  If we feel that there isn’t the right fit to a kitty.  If this occurs, we will refund the deposit.  Breeding kittens are sold only to established breeders that I know personally. OR have a mentor who’s willing to vouch for you that I know. 


Every so often I will have an adult devon who is ready to retire from breeding.   They will be altered prior to placement.  I am selective as to who gets my girls as they have been wonderful to me and they should get nothing but the best home in return.

I wish i could keep them all, but sadly I love being married to my husband way to much.  Ok not sadly (sorry honey!)


I also have available kittens from time to time.  They stay with me until they are 14-16 weeks old.  Pet kittens go to their new homes already altered. There are no exceptions to this,  I will not allow a pet kitten to leave my hands intact.  It is 100% safe to early alter, I did a great deal of research, and talked to quite a few vets before we made this decision.

They will come with a welcome kitten packet,  a sample of food that they are on we now use Royal Canin Kitten 36 for kittens,  first set of Soft Claw Nail Caps these little things are wonderful!  Soft plastic nail caps which slide over the kittens nail which prevents their nails from penetrating anything.  It’s safe, and cat friendly,  they can still do everything they could before just without damaging anything.  I also  give them their first dose of Revolution flea drops. .  They also will have 2 sets of shots and de-wormed with Drontal. I only use 100% natural litter, clay based litters are not very good for devons as their large eyes are a great target for litter in their dig to China while using the litter box.

 Clay based litters will clump and can clog tear ducts which can lead to nasty infections.  Natural litters do not clump like clay, they do not get “muddy”, so it is easy to remove any that get in their eyes and flush with ease.  There for we currently use Worlds Best Cat litter (corn based) mixed with Blue’s all natural walnut litter.  I do not give our cats or kittens canned food very often, i prefer to use Raw ground rabbit, turkey, or chicken.  As canned food leads to loose stinky poo and no one likes that! 

I do offer shipping at buyers cost.  I charge only what I am charged no more no less.  I am willing to personally fly your new baby to you in cabin as well.  For people un-comfortable with shipping.  I fly in and fly out on the next available flight home.  Since I am a stay at home mom I’m able to offer this to my clients that do not have the time to do round trip flights.

Every kitten and adult, goes to the vet and receives a full check up before leaving my hands.  That being said, i still recommend that the kitten or adult be taken to see your Vet with in 3 days of getting your new baby.

If you have any questions please always feel free to ask.  If i do not have what kitten you’re looking for please ask,  as I do have a very close circle of breeder friends whom i trust whole heartedly, if i don’t have what you are looking for maybe they do.


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  1. batcavecattery
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 20:01:27


    Right now i don’t have any available adults. The next adult to retire will be probably Jane, but she isn’t going to be retiring until probably next year. As for the barter, i am open to the idea sure. I’d have to see some of your work first of course. Feel free to e mail me some links or pictures of some of your work,

    Thank you



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