Infracat’s Revival Rex is his CFA registered name, I’m not sure why CFA did not register him as Isaac Hayes as I had put down. 

Isaac Hayes-  Solid Chocolate,  blood type  A (carrier of B)  AB

Isaac has one heck of a personality he LOVES everyone.  99% of the time he’s perched on a human’s shoulder assisting them in what ever needs to be done.  Of course by Assisting i mean giving kisses and love nibbles to what ever part of their face is available for some special Isaac love.  He quickly steals the hearts of anyone who comes over for a visit.  He keeps a close watch over his pride (humans included)(dogs too)  he will run about and check on every one giving them a run by kiss, before he settles in for some snuggle time with mommy.

Our future king of the castle has arrived!  It is my pleasure to introduce Isaac Hayes.  Our solid chocolate boy.  He has such a huge personality.  He introduced him self to me by putting one paw on each shoulder and giving me kisses.  Needless to say he had me at Hello.  He also greeted the rest of my family in the same way.

We have some great news!  I am SO very thankful for Arne in Sweden who is going to allow me to have this beautiful chocolate boy!  I can not wait to get him here!!  Thank you also to Marie who is such a wonderful woman (she is also Atlantis’s grandmother) who put me in touch with Arne! 


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